More about me

I am a full-stack web developer who enjoys learning new things and purposefully working toward achieving new goals. I am passionate about programming, have a good eye for detail, can work unsupervised, deliver excellent results and be an outstanding team player.

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Jack of all trades, master of some.


> Python



> PostgreSQL

> JavaScript



> Django

> Laravel

> jQuery

> Bootstrap

> WordPress

> PrestaShop


> Docker

> Git

> Linux (servers management)

My work

laravel-package-checker - PHP Package

A powerful tool for managing package dependencies in Laravel projects. Get insights into package versions, installation status, and sizes.

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Password Revealer - Chrome extension

Toggle passwords in dev mode. Enhance development workflow with password visibility.

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Django React chatrooms

Technologies: Django, Django Rest Framework, Channels, Redis, React and Docker

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TextTwist is a Text Transformer that subtly alters text using homoglyph substitution, giving visually identical yet search-engine-distinct results.

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Instagram clone

Technologies: Django, Django-channels, Docker, Nginx, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.
Username: user1
Password: user123456

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Django Surveys

Technologies: Django, Tailwind CSS, jQuery, Docker

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Freelancing projects

I worked on different projects on as a freelancer, which I can not share because of privacy reasons. You can contact me to get more details about them

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